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Spectral RS

Spectral RS

For those who are "in the know" Spectral.DNC® has acquired an almost legendary status with a loyal following for one simple reason — it delivers results unlike any other topical treatment in the world. Following in those footsteps the DS Laboratories scientific team has developed a new formula that is conservatively rated for thinning hair and delivers remarkable performance for hair re-growth, Spectral.RS.®

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Spectral.RS® is a breakthrough formula that does not contain minoxidil for the treatment of thinning hair and diffuse hair loss. Spectral.RS® uses a proprietary nanosome technology as the delivery vehicle of active compounds directly into target cells. Spectral.RS® works by improving the nutrition, circulation, and metabolism of the hair follicle and preventing perifollicular fibrosis.

  • Spectral.RS® is an ideal treatment for men and women with generalized thinning hair.

  • Spectral.RS® is also an ideal treatment for individuals looking for a highly effective treatment that does not contain minoxidil.

  • Spectral.RS® does not contain any harsh chemicals, is pleasant to apply, and improves the over-all condition of the scalp.

  • Spectral.RS® can be safely combined with treatments for androgenic alopecia. Male pattern baldness and generalized thinning hair are two conditions that are closely related. Spectral.RS® can deliver astonishing results when combined with your androgenic alopecia treatment.


Spectral RS® is an exceptionally safe treatment as it does not contain any chemical compounds that can induce an adverse reaction.
However, due to the use of nanosomes as a carrier agent users should exercise caution when combining Spectral RS® with minoxidil or other topical hair loss treatments. Since nanosomes greatly enhance absorption, they will also amplify absorption of other substances increasing the chance of side effects.

If you experience rapid heart beat, dizziness, shortness of breath, or other adverse effects then you should never combine Spectral RS® with other topical treatment.

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